Am 12.03.2010 22:23, schrieb Niels Wagenaar:
2010/3/12 Niels Wagenaar<n.wagen...@xs4all.nl>:
I haven't build the reelbox stuff yet, so the EHD is *not* configured
in my system. I'm a bit reluctant to remove the EHD since I just made
everything nice (enclosure and furniture). Also, I tested my
configuration with MS Windows in combination with DVB Viewer Pro and
no issues. And a fast test with TVHeadend doesn't seem to give issues
also. So it must be VDR in combination with my Tevii S660 USB device.

Ok, I removed the ExtensionHD. This didn't solve the problem. Then I
decided to put an old TT 1500-S in and now it works. I also found out
that TVHeadend experienced the same problem. Upgrading VDR didn't
resolve the issue.

So I guess it's  a problem with the Tevii S660 (as I thought). And I
found that other have curious problems as well. *sigh*

Oh well, time to find an other DVB-S2 based USB device.

The S660 works well for me.

It is a problem of the drivers and/or firmware. I had also the same problem.

The only working driver for me is the official driver from the TeVii website and also just an older version. Unfortunaly I have deleted the original .rar so I can't tell you the exact version I am using right now.

The s2-liplianin drivers do not work reliably.

Regards, Artem

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