Am 12.03.2010 16:28, schrieb Klaus Schmidinger:
> On 12.03.2010 08:33, István Füley wrote:
>> I wonder if it's possible to implement a different behaviour for the
>> left/right keys: to "scroll" between programs. Pressing right should
>> bring up the next event, pressing left should bring up the previous
>> event. To scroll in the OSD window Up and Down are fine.
> "Left" and "Right" are used to page up/down within long list, and that's
> not going to change. However, we could use the Green and Yellow buttons
> (and additionally the kPrev and kNext keys) for this.

epgsearch also uses the Green/Yellow keys for this, its generally a good
idea to keep the key assignment the same.
epgsearch also displays the time of the previous/next event as button
text instead of just simply showing << and >>.



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