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=== Changes from v3.6.5 to v3.6.6 ===
- Added: Support new epgsearch v0.9.25-git settings "unmute" and "min.
description match".
- Changed: Log to syslog by default (if logging is enabled) (Ville Skyttä).
- Changed: Fall back to stderr if setting up syslog fails (Ville Skyttä).
- Changed: Get character encoding from configured locale or
environment variables (Submitted by Tobias Grimm).
- Fixed: Encode SVDRP commands sent to VDR if needed (Submitted by
Tobias Grimm).
- Updated: Italian translation (Submitted by Diego Pierotto).
- Updated: Dutch translation (Submitted by Roel Koelewijn).
- Updated: Spanish translation (Submitted by Manuel Gomez).
- Improved: Default mail settings (Ville Skyttä).
- Fixed: Check if "GUI_POPUP_WIDTH" and "GUI_POPUP_HEIGHT" are numeric
and set them to the defaults if they are not (Reported by Jan).
- Added: Support VDR 1.7.12+ commands.conf and reccmds.conf (means:
skip lines ending in "{" and lines with only "}" in them).
- Added: check file and directory permissions on startup abort on error.
- Changed: Default directory for PID file to /var/run/vdradmin.
- Changed: Default directory for log file to /var/log/vdradmin.
- Changed: Use "cache" directory in the current directory if
- Changed: Hide "record" button in EPG lists there's already a timer
for that broadcast (Based on patch by Dave Pickles).
- Added: New options to show or hide a broadcast's subtitle and/or
summary in EPG lists (Based on patch by Dave Pickles).
- Added: New option to set a day's "start time" in "Playing today?"
(Based on patch by Dave Pickles).
- Changed: Minimum required epgsearch version now is 0.9.24.
- Added: Support for new epgsearch search timer actions (Bug #557).
- Changed: "--ipv6" only enables IPv6 for connections to VDRAdmin-AM,
to also use IPv6 for SVDRP connection one can use "--ipv6-all" (if he
really knows what he's doing!).
- Fixed: Check encoding for every SVDRP connection (Submitted by Tobias Grimm).
- Changed: Warn about missing key or certificate if --ssl is used.
- Changed: Certificates for --ssl option must be located in $ETCDIR/certs.
- Fixed: Resizing browser window in "Timeline" showed "file not found"
(Reported by tag @vdr-portal.de).
- Updated: Links to EPGSearch and Streamdev home pages (Ville Skyttä).
- Updated: Finnish translation (Ville Skyttä).

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