Jose Alberto Reguero wrote:

> There is still the problem with es_ES.utf8 and es_ES.UTF8. I think that the 
> problem is that in the sources in the locale directory there are es_ES.utf8 
> instead of es_ES.UTF8.

With version 3.6.6 the *.utf8 locales shouldn't be required at all. The
charset encoding is handled by gettext.

Please provide the following information:

- Output of the `locale` command
- Output of the `locale charmap` command
- cat vdradmind.conf | grep LANG
- svdrpsend HELP | grep 220
- Which encoding is detected by the browser and which encoding do you see
 in the HTML source?

You might need to change the LANG setting in vdradmind.conf to es_ES if it
is configured to es_ES.UTF8 or drop it altogether to automatically use the
systems default locale.


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