Hi Denis,

I wish I had the skills to help you with the programming but bash and a bit of 
C is all I can manage.
Perhaps it would be simpler (and achieve the same end) if you implement a 
feature the plugin can read
an alternative to channels.conf . This way in my case for example I would copy 
and paste a few essential channels and let the plugin load them but
no way I can let it loose on a channels.conf with more than 1000 entries...

About vdr recordings... 

FUPPES chokes on my vdr folder, so does not seem to be .TS friendly

Anybody knows if minidlna supports streaming .TS files ?

I guess I will find out in a few hours anyways...

Date: Thu, 25 Mar 2010 15:00:40 +0100
From: Denis Loh <denis....@web.de>
Subject: Re: [vdr] VDR 1.7.x, FUPPES and an xbox 360 client
To: VDR Mailing List <vdr@linuxtv.org>
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I feel sorry, that you were facing so many problems with the plugin.
Actually, it is still very bugous and will take some time to fix them. If
you are a programmer, feel free to help me improving it.

I will consider your idea to include a discard-all-but channel listing
feature. Recordings (except H.264) are supported yet in version 0.0.2-alpha.

Back to FUPPES: I haven't ever used FUPPES, so I just can say that this
should work. But I am not sure. Try it and you will "see".
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