-c /etc/vdr/vdr-1.6.0/channels.conf gives me the channels I want to copy to/from:
ONE;T   C-182-10-1005
TV2;T   C-182-10-1006
TV3;T   C-182-0-1003
Prime TV;T      C-182-2-212
C4;T    C-182-6-609

ONE_A   C-0-112-1796
TV2_A   C-0-119-1908
TV3_A   C-0-126-2020
Prime TV_A      C-0-189-2134
C4_A    C-0-203-2135

Resolved this. was outputting the wrong channel details for ONE_A etc.

LSTC 101
250 101 ONE_A:112250:C0:C:0:301:300:305:A1:1796:0:1033:0

So should have outputted:
ONE_A   C C-0-1033-1796


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