On 09.03.2010 20:28, Lars Bla"ser wrote:
> with hdtv there seems to be a problem with the pause funnction in vdr
> (tested with 1.7.10 and 13 with eHD es replay device)
> - sdtv (arte) dedicated pause key - ok
> - servus tv hd dedicated pause key - ok
> - arte hd, dedicated pause key, timer is created, replay try's to start
> and does not work, jumps back to live
> - arte hd, open main menu, yellow key (pause) - ok
> there should be no differece between pause key and menu/yellow?

AFAICS there is no difference. In both cases cRecordControls::PauseLiveVideo()
is called.

Is this difference in behavior reproducible, or was it a one
time glitch?


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