2010/3/27 Goga777 <goga...@bk.ru>:
> Приветствую, Newsy
>> Hi Goga,
>> I already got rotor plugin patched with rotor-0.1.5-vdr-1.7.13.diff
> ok
>> I patched vdr 1.7.14 with vdr-1.7.9-rotor.diff manually.
> what is vdr-1.7.9-rotor.diff ?
> please use extension patch for vdr 1714
> http://copperhead.vdr-developer.org/downloads/extensionpatch/ExtP-NG-vdr-1.7.14-V1.diff
> uncomment the line for rotor plugin in makefile.config after patching and 
> recompile vdr

There's no reason you should have to apply that enormous patch.  Rotor
support should be made available as a small separate patch.  It's
really stupid when you're forced to install a bunch of crap you don't

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