With the previously mentioned one line patche for pat.c vdr 1.7.14 does record correctly France HDTV (VC1 + eac3) .ts stream.

However, trying to stream them using streamdev (what xbmc does on the pvr2-testing branch for Kive TV), the EAC3 problem is still there somewhere as Arte HD works (no eac3), whereas all other HD chanells using eac3 fail.

I've already patched one file server/livestreamer.c
case SI::AC3DescriptorTag:
+case SI::EnhancedAC3DescriptorTag:     

and this enable to a least get the video stream insteda of nothing but it skips, is slow and so on...

I tested with vdr-plugin-streamdev-0.5.0~pre20090706+cvs20100307.2102

-- eric

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