On 28/03/2010 17:23, Lars Bläser wrote:

vdr does not look for any strukture of a recorded file it just cut's
when the byte conter limit for a file is reached

imho your method is not good
you will loose data on the file borders which will result in gaps and
async audio

converting every file of a recording in single file mode will end in
"open" data on start and end that will be lost so every end and start of
a file means loosig a whole iframe with all following frames to the next
same for audio and that can get worse when audio anv video are
interleaved be a "gap" i.e. audio ist 300ms later then the picture you
will have a 300ms audio gap at the start aof every file

Granted. However, merging with cat *.ts > complete.ts + trying a single pass mkv conversion fails miserably (allhough I have very up to date ffmpeg version).

See fourth message in this threads ffmpeg complain with non monotone timestamps and simply hang the computer.

That's why I asked if the 2GB limit was really gone to avoid splitting the files.


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