On 28/03/2010 17:45, Eric Valette wrote:
On 28/03/2010 17:23, Lars Bläser wrote:

Granted. However, merging with cat *.ts > complete.ts + trying a single
pass mkv conversion fails miserably (allhough I have very up to date
ffmpeg version).

See fourth message in this threads ffmpeg complain with non monotone
timestamps and simply hang the computer.

I just tryed remuxing the .ts (and removing unneeded languages and subtitles) file to another .ts before converting to matroska and it works!

cat 00001.ts  00002.ts > merged.ts
ffmpeg -y -ss 00:01:06 -map 0.0 -map 0.1 -i merged.ts -vcodec copy -sameq -acodec copy simplified1.ts ffmpeg -y -i simplified1.ts -vcodec copy -sameq -acodec copy -async 2 -f matroska 1.mkv

Much simpler indeed and no risk to have a small glitch in the meddle of the cut.

Grreee. I will need another night to redo better .mkv.

-- eric

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