On 03/29/2010 02:46 PM, zaverel wrote:
That's ok
but do you use a ffmpeg  patched eac3 for "spectral extension"
and build xbmc-pvr  for use it ?
link for the lastest patch


Well I'm not sure I understand your suggestion. Let me explain why:

If I use mplayer (or smplayer) with their own channels.conf to watch live TV,
it works for the HD chanells using VC1+EAC3. As far as I know, mplayer use
the same ffmpeg sources as the one I used for building xbmc.

If I use xbmc-pvr to watch a recorded a .ts file I recorded with vdr, it works (btw the build of xbmc is my own build from pvr-testing2 branch that use external libraries).

When getting the stream via the streamdev plugin, it fails.

But maybe I'm wrong as it is so complicated to know what is aexactly compilled in when specifying --enable-external-libraries.

-- eric

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