I’m pleased to announce stable version of iStreamdev 1.0 is now out.

Everything has been redone from scratch based on Ajax/Json communication.

iStreamdev is an Iphone web frontend to stream vdr live TV, recordings and
your media files to your iphone from wifi, 3g or edge.

What’s new :
03.29.2010 - 0.1.0
- Massive rework from scratch
- Now based on JQuery/JQTouch
- Fully Ajax/Json based. Server only send Json data to client.
- Client fully webapp compatible. All the client is loaded in the same html
- New skin with animated transitions. Hardware accelerated animations.
- Added Electronic Program Guide with add timer feature.
- Added recording from Channel info.
- Encoding status message is now updated live.
- Added new status "Encoding finished" for recording and videos files. It
appears without "*" character before the name in Home sessions menu too.
- Dynamic minimise and compression of the css & js files. Now cached.
- gzip compression of all json data
- now have configurable logs output.

Screenshots: http://projects.vdr-developer.org/wiki/istreamdev/SCREENSHOTS
Readme: http://projects.vdr-developer.org/wiki/istreamdev/README
Install: http://projects.vdr-developer.org/wiki/istreamdev/INSTALL

Please submit bug reports or feature request to vdr-developer site here:



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