> On 30 March 2010 21:26, Rob Davis <r...@davis-family.info> wrote:
>> I don't know if I immagined it, but is there a way to get VDR to use a
>> secondary channel if the first channel is busy?
>> To give an explanation, I have multiple ways a I can receive a channel,
>> through ATSC, or through PVRINPUT or NTSC.  I would like to know if
>> there
>> is a rollover system, if the first channel is busy, use the second, then
>> third.
>> It seems I saw something which suggested this was possible, but maybe
>> not..
> I think the current method is, one channel is tried on multiple
> devices matching the same source type. Channel 1 is dvb-s, tried on
> card-x to card-z of the same source type. I am not sure if there is a
> way to roll-over to another channel/different source type. How would
> this have to be handled? Will these channels be grouped together?

At the moment I have lots of different channels for each source.

I'm guessing we could have a transparency file..

T-0-567-4 P-0-40-1 P-0-64-1-64

So if T-0-567-4 is busy, use P-0-40-1, if that's busy use P-0-64-1-64

(Numbers taken from Streamdev, no idea if they're correct..)

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