On 04/01/2010 02:24 PM, Lucian Muresan wrote:
On 01.04.2010 13:23, Eric Valette wrote:
So for now you're determining that value sort of experimentally?
No. This is not the lag beween audio and video this is the timestamp displayed by smplayer when the video really starts (you have 2 min before and 10 min after by default with vdr that I want to cut).
Yes, I'm demuxing all the 000xy.ts files in all their component streams
with ffmpeg for now first, then multiplex the ones I want with mkvmerge.
I might switch to tsMuxeR, maybe also convert back to cleaned-up TS from
MKV also with tsMuxeR to make the smaller recording again playable by
VDR (I've read in the vdr-portal.de forum some users already
experimented with this).
I'm not a codec format spécialist but do individual codec have their own absolute time stamp? so that you can sync them when multiplexing them later on? The lag in the TS stream is not constant by any mean at least on french HD stream, I keeps getting higher and highger if I do not force to sync them (up to a point it crash the player)

By "simplified" you mean the merged ts?
No the one where I removed anything not needed (subtitles, foreign language, ...). I have 6 stream when I actually only need two.
So I strip down the ts stream first and then remux.

-- eric

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