There's a new version of the patch implemented as a plugin. It seems to
work, but there are few things to notice:

- Plugin does not cache which devices are Reddo devices, instead it probes
sysfs every time QAM256 channel is being tuned into (on any device). It
would be nice if cDeviceHook added a mechanism for a hook to store context
for each device. Hooking into device probe (like full feature card plugin
does) would be much nicer way, but it would interfere with other plugins
which need the same mechanism.

- VDR crashes at very late in exit() when clearing some list (most likely
cDeviceHook list), but I couldn't find a way to avoid that

- You may get syslog messages about trying to tune into QAM256 channel
if/when EPG is being updated on the background.

- The sysfs probe code in full feature card plugin is buggy :-)

The plugin is available here:



2010/4/3 VDR User <user....@gmail.com>

> Klaus added the ability to limit satellites to certain dvb card in
> VDR-1.7.13.  However, a lot of users have the need to do device
> limiting at the transponder level, which VDR still can't do (and
> likely will never do I think, unfortunately).  But, Klaus also added
> device hooks in VDR-1.7.13 as well:
> - Implemented cDeviceHook to allow plugins more control over which device
> can
>  provide which transponder (thanks to Reinhard Nissl).
> This means that a plugin can be written that DOES provide device
> limiting at the transponder level!  Rnissl, as a test for the device
> hook patch, threw together a quick skeleton plugin using hardcoded
> values and it worked great.  To finish the plugin, it would just need
> support for a conf file where you define which
> transponder:polarity:satellite & devices you want to limit them to.  I
> assume this file would be read into a table stored in memory, and then
> referenced during a channel change for live tv or recording.
> If Rnissl see's this, maybe he'll elaborate further.
> Cheers,
> Derek
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