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*** Changes ***
2010-04-05: Version 0.1.1
- Moved "General / Show progressbar" to "Logos & Symbols / Show
progressbar in lists".
- Fixed gcc 4.3 compiler warnings.
- Show "Parental Rating" and "Contents" in EPG and recording details
(requires at least VDR 1.7.11).
- Show estimated bitrate and recording format (TS/PES) in recording's details.
- Show subtitle tracks in EPG and recording details.
- Changed defaults for setup options.
- Don't define CLEAR_BUG_WORKAROUND by default.
- Added new setup option "Colored status symbols in EPG details".
- Added new theme "bgw" (Submitted by jlacvdr @gmail.com).
- Added new setup option "Round corners".
- Display cut length and size of recordings in recording's details
(based on skinelchi-0.2.1).
- Fixed calculation of channel info OSD areas.
- Check for valid OSD width and height and font size and width.
- Added VDR's default fonts to the TrueTypeFont selector.
- Unselectable rows in menu OSD starting with "---" will be formated
as headlines if "Show symbols in lists" is set.
- New "elapsed/remaining" option for "Show remaining/elapsed time" setting.
- New "active only" option for "Show status symbols" setting.
- Added setup option for minimal info area width.
- Restructured setup menu.

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