The tsplay patch adds this member to VDR's cRecording class. So probably the header files are not up-to-date. Try a "make include-dir" in the VDR source
directory, then recompile streamdev.

Nope, same problem:

make include-dir
make plugins
server/recplayer.c: In constructor 'cRecPlayer::cRecPlayer(const cRecording*)': server/recplayer.c:38: error: 'const class cRecording' has no member named 'IsPesRecording' server/recplayer.c: In member function 'uint64_t cRecPlayer::positionFromFrameNumber(uint32_t)': server/recplayer.c:253: error: no matching function for call to 'cIndexFile::Get(int, uint16_t*, off_t*)' ../../../include/vdr/recording.h:215: note: candidates are: bool cIndexFile::Get(int, uchar*, int*, uchar*, int*) ../../../include/vdr/recording.h:217: note: int cIndexFile::Get(uchar, int)
make[1]: *** [server/recplayer.o] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/root/vdr-1.6.0/PLUGINS/src/streamdev'

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