Falk Spitzberg wrote:
> Hello,
> recently, i tried to cut a TS recording with VDR 1.7.12. Cutting it
> works ok, but when i replay it, there is a short distortion when it runs
> across the cut. On my production system, that is equipped with a Reel
> eHD, the problem is worse, because the eHD is completely confused when
> it crossed a cut. To get it back in sync, i need to jump forward or
> backward.
> Since this occurs only with HD recordings, i assume that VDR make some
> kind of mistake when it created the cutted version. 

i would'nt be so shure about that, afaik in its native enviroment (rmm
vdr in reelbox avg and netclient) pes replay is used for sd and a
special ts routine is used for hd, that ts routine is different from
what THE vdr is using (now), that means all the ts data from newer vdr
versions is played with the "normal" pes replay, even the hd h.264 data
(rmm took vdr 1.4, left the sd stuff as it was and programmed new
routines for dvb-s2/h.264 and made them ts)
no one has yet made a patch or something else (public) to bring the ehd
plugin to the level that would be needed for a real "ts" vdr like 1.7.12

Georg Acher would be able to describe it more precisely

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