On 13.04.2010 17:44, dplu wrote:
> Hi
> When we delete index file on some HD recording due to synchronous problem for 
> editing, sometimes vdr is not able to rebuild it , start for few seconds and 
> generate an errors
> Stream has "something" in it, you can add mark but not navigate between 
> without crashing vdr , when playing records, time goes not seconds to seconds 
> but every two seconds

If the index is initially wrong, and ok after regenerating it,
this patch may fix the initial index creation:

--- remux.c     2010/02/28 14:42:07     2.42
+++ remux.c     2010/04/05 09:32:57     2.43
@@ -817,7 +817,7 @@
                  if (synced && Processed)
                     return Processed;
                  if (Length < MIN_TS_PACKETS_FOR_FRAME_DETECTOR * TS_SIZE)
-                    return 0; // need more data, in case the frame type is not 
stored in the first TS packet
+                    return Processed; // need more data, in case the frame 
type is not stored in the first TS packet
                  if (!frameDuration) {
                     // frame duration unknown, so collect a sequence of PTS 
                     if (numPtsValues < MaxPtsValues && numIFrames < 2) { // 
collect a sequence containing at least two I-frames

> Is it possible for next release to increase the buffer size to 300 instead of 
> 100 in recording.c , class cIndexFileGenerator ? This has been tested 
> successfully by at least two users with same problem

I don't see how increasing this buffer size would change anything.
cFrameDetector::Analyze() needs to see MIN_TS_PACKETS_FOR_FRAME_DETECTOR
packets, which is a mere 376 byte. So even a much smaller buffer should

But maybe I'm missing something here and somebody can point out why increasing
this buffer size would actually change anything.


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