> From: "Simon Baxter" <linu...@nzbaxters.com>
> Subject: [vdr] PVRINPUT plugin and "black/cinema bars"
> Hi Everyone
> My machine has (among others) a PVR-500 dual-channel analog card and I'm
> running vdr-1.6.0 with pvrinput-2008-07-05.

you should upgrade to our new pvrinput version:
see http://projects.vdr-developer.org/repositories/entry/plg-pvrinput/HISTORY

> Doesn't matter which aspect ratio I choose, every channel under the PVR-500
> displays with black (cinema) bars on the top and bottom of the image.

I am pretty sure that your TV station broadcasts analogue TV not anamorphic, 
which means it "delivers" the black bars to prevent the aspect  ratio of a 
16:9 content.

Using the full screen for 16:9 content would result in "egg heads".  We call 
this anamorphic. A 16:9 TV would stretch this; a 4:3 TV screen would need to 
scale it down (generating the needed bars).
At least in Germany analogue broadcastings are never anamorphic.
I gues you are using the extern inputs to supply video from a digital 
receiver? Then it could be anamorphic of course. You would need to tell your 
digibox that you have a 16:9 TV.

The pvrinput setup-entry "aspect ratio" does not really change the aspect 
ratio. It is only an ID inside the mpeg which notifies the TV if it is 
anamorphic or not. 

Unfortunately there is no way to detect the incoming signal (Tuner or extern). 
Therefore it is not possible to automatically choose the right setting.

> Any ideas how to remove these?
The driver does not support clipping/cropping. We will always encode the whole 
capture size. If there is already a bar, it will also be in the encoded 
stream. You could try to use the zoom mode of your TV.
> Plugin setup is as follows:
> pvrinput.BackupHack = 0
> pvrinput.BackupInterval = 30
> pvrinput.EnableDigibox = 1
> pvrinput.FastChannelChange = 1
> pvrinput.RedRemoteDevice = /dev/ledxmit

These setup items have never been in any pvrinput version, so I gues you made 
patches. Could you provide them to me? 


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