You _could_ write some functions to detect and remove letterboxing,
though I don't know anyone motivated enough to actually do it.

The main goal of the pvrinput-plugin is to use the hardware encoder.I think it
is a bad idea to do software-based on-the-fly-recoding.

Simon, which output device do you use? Maybe the xine- or xineliboutput-Plugin
can do the needed zoom for you. (?)

I'm using vdr-xine, but as I have 2x DVB-C cards also there's only about 5 channels which I receive via the PVR-500. I could change the aspect in xine, but it would change it for ALL channels wouldn't it?

Is there a flag I can send xine to crop only _some_ channels?

I could also enable a remote key to switch aspect in xine, but I'm currently using vdr's lirc interface so would need to switch to xine's lirc (which can send lirc messages to vdr). Don't really want to do this - if possible.

Or is there another way around this?

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