Am Mittwoch, den 12.05.2010, 17:36 +0200 schrieb Rob Davis
> I have been using pvr-testing and pvr-testing2 for a while now, and try
> to keep up to date.  However, I have two problems/questions which I want
> to either ask or flag to the developers but am unsure how to do it or
> even if it's a known issue?

I guess the best thing is to report these issues one by one on the XBMC

When you open new tickets, please use the prefix "pvr-testing:" when you
report a bug regarding PVR stuff. 
Also choose the developer "alwinus" and the component "unified-pvr".

Additionally, if you also want more casual feedback on these reports from
the German VDR community who is testing vnsiserver right now, please post
links to your Trac tickets on You can post there in
English language, that's not a problem.


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