On 13/05/2010 15:40, Rob Davis wrote:

Sreamdev works thus better than vnsiserver for me .

I suspect the issue we're having with vnsi is pretty much the same,
audio passthrough is broken. If vnsi recognises the audio then it
converts it to only two channels. In your case it doesn't so you
probably get only a picture, which I get with my pvr-input based hdpvr.

Yes I have video only, but because it doesn't handle well the audio, it probably consumme a hell of CPU and the HD video stream skips and has macro blockand then finally freeze. I had the same behavior with streamdev before applying a one line patch for eac3.

My other issue is only with the pvr-input plugin and streamdev. The
analogue channels (which I use for cable channels through a set top box
and a channel change script) gets scrambled when it arrives at xbmc.

I use analog audio out when running directly on the hdpc (hdmi passthrough to be precise) eac3-> pcm stereo (xbmc) -> analog audio

However, I use a heavilly patched vdr 1.7.14 (for eac3 one single line but a lot of other things for packaged by vdr package maintainer) and streamdev (one single line for eac3 plus a lot of patches packaged by package maintainer).


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