On 07.05.2010 09:45, Newsy Paper wrote:
> hi!
> I noticed a new vdr problem concerning only some of those dvb-s2 transponders.
> If I create a new channel in channel list with these transponder datas and 
> "add new channels" is activated in vdr settings nothing happens either. But 
> when I set manually SID manually video + audio pids are found automatically 
> but not the other channels on that transponders are added automatically.
> One of these problem transponders is 12129 V 27500 5/6 DVB-S2 on Astra 
> 23.5┬░East.

I'm afriad I can't receive Astra 23.5┬░East.
Are you sure that those transponders actually carry the necessary SI data
to automatically find these channels?


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