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On 11.05.2010 22:32, Eddi De Pieri wrote:
Have you seen this patch?

Looks interesting. What’s your experience with Unicable? Is it viable?

I have read somewhere that there can be interference on DISEqC level between the units connected to a single cable. Have you observed mis-tuning? Can you manually force that with two units (i.e. change transponders on the units at the same time) at all?

Currently I have a standard 16-port switch, but I have to add another switch for more ports in the future. I planned to try Unicable for some of the new ports. Maybe 4×4 ports with pass-through to the current switch. Any advice you can give me?

by adjusting unicable.conf, it works for me... with inverto lnb scr

What did you have to adjust? I mean, more than the frequencies?

Regards and many thanks to "*fds2001

Did you use his last patch from 10/04/2010?


– Matthias

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