Al 18/05/10 21:20, En/na Luca Olivetti ha escrit:
Al 16/05/10 14:28, En/na Klaus Schmidinger ha escrit:

Ok, here's a complete patch that attempts to handle audio types.
It is untested, so please use it with care.
Please let me know whether this works with your audio types in
live mode and with replaying recordings.

As of yesterday I can tune to a dvb-t hd channel where vdr doesn't pick
the audio pid, my tv picks it and identifies it as "dolby digital plus".
I tried this patch but vdr still doesn't pick the audio pid.

Unsurprising, since in pat.c it doesn't check for SI::EnhancedAC3DescriptorTag while it should according to your patch posted on 14-05-2010:

--- pat.c       2010/03/27 15:17:46     2.9
+++ pat.c       2010/05/14 14:12:31
@@ -401,6 +401,7 @@
                           switch (d->getDescriptorTag()) {
                             case SI::AC3DescriptorTag:
                             case SI::EnhancedAC3DescriptorTag:
+                            case SI::AACDescriptorTag:
                                  dpid = esPid;
                                  ProcessCaDescriptors = true;

(i.e. it only adds SI::AACDescriptorTag)

I must have missed some patch along the way :-/


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