Hi Martti,

2010/5/4 Martti Kuparinen <martti.kupari...@iki.fi>:
> 04.05.2010 15:32, Mr. Tux kirjoitti:
>> Hello Martti
>> Please add the following two lines in ~./.xine/config to enable OSD with
>> opengl:
>> video.driver:opengl
>> video.output.opengl_renderer:2D_Tex
> This works too, but the OSD fonts are still ugly...

You might wan't to try to enable compositing in x.org. This was the
culprit for me, although the hud OSD was unusable for me. I have the
exact same hardware (well, HD3200 at least - Gigabyte GA-MA78GM-S2H),
but I read you switched to the open source driver, I'm still on fglrx.
Also, I'm using Gentoo.

May this post be of much use!

 - Ville

Ville Aakko - ville.aa...@gmail.com

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