TT promised a FF DVB-S2 card (TT-6400) with dual tuner for May 2010. Does anybody knows if it arrived?

Timothy D. Lenz wrote:
There is this which claims to be dual:

There seems to be some new tech coming out. This thread:

Talks about new software out for dvbworld cards that does blind scan (yes, windows only software. But anything that can be done in ms can be done in linux). The thread also mentions a new chip out with blindscan included.

This company also claims blindscan but it also seems to be a windows driver they made:

On 6/8/2010 5:29 AM, Andre wrote:

On 29 Sep 2009, at 13:33, Theunis Potgieter wrote:

On 29/09/2009, Thomas Netousek<>  wrote:
I like the Tevii PCIe card.
It has a single DVB-S2 receiver with decent sensitivity, is low profile,
easy to set-up and multiple cards work in one system.


Thanks, I'm in search of a twin/dual tuner dvb-s2 type card.

I have a Satix S2 card which is a dual DVBS2 card, this one in the Linux V4L wiki:

From here:

There has been some work on the driver recently by Devin from kernellabs, Devin was saying to me that the driver was pretty awful, it's better now but I don't know how much better!

Despite this I have found it to work better than my HVR-4000 and HD-S2 even before the recent driver fixes, I've used it with TV Headend and MythTV very successfully but not tried VDR yet.

I don't know about sensitivity as I have a very strong feed from a communal antenna system.

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