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> On Sat, Jun 19, 2010 at 3:54 PM, Torgeir Veimo
> <torg...@netenviron.com> wrote:
> > While you're at it, what about a configurable option to have the
> > right and left keys change volume instead of scrolling up and down?
> > A lot of remotes have the volume on those keys. It could be disable
> > by default while the menu is displayed of course.
> There's tons of remotes with different configurations.  Some use arrow
> keys up/down, some use left/right, some use dedicated volume buttons.
> You should probably look into editing your remote.conf to properly
> reflect the buttons on your remote I guess.

But can VDR work correctly if the volume keys are also left & right? Ie
can it use them as a volume control while playing something but use the
same keys for navigation in menus etc?

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