On Tue, Jun 22, 2010 at 5:18 AM, Andreas Mair <andr...@vdr-developer.org> wrote:
> It never has been included in the VDRAdmin-AM archives. Previous
> releases created that directory if it was missing. But then many users
> had problems that they ran vdradmind.pl as "root" user and afterwards
> as a limited user that didn't have enough permissions to store files
> in the cache directory.
> Now vdradmind.pl requires that the system administrator or
> distribution packager creates that directory with the correct
> permissions.

Why not just adjust the permissions correctly if vdradmind.pl creates
.cache as root?  Or disable the cache if the dir isn't present and
warn the user?  Anything seems better then failing to execute as it's
not something that should be a fatal error.  Just a though.....

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