Den 22.06.2010 07:21, skrev ECLiPSE:
I know that is not directly related to vdr, as my problem should come from the reel src and not vdr. I know there is here a good community of developpers and perhaps someone can look at the src of the hdplayer and see if it could be possible to add the detection of e-ac3 audio format , (and perhaps finding the way to decode it or at least enable the ac3 compatibility?).

I have this problem on norwegian terrestrial channels, getting no audio. I have just upgraded to vdr-1.7.15(yavdr 0.2.0). Im using xineliboutput. Have used this ppa .

Here are the stats:
    -Audio through xineliboutput doesnt work
    -Audio through streamdev to vlc(windows 7) works.
    -Recording plays fine in vlc(windows 7), but not wiht xineliboutput.
    -Femon 1.7.7 does not detect this audio codec.

I have made a recording, here is a sample .

Dunno if its xineliboutput or vdr.

Bjørnar Nilsen

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