The rotor plugin doesn't seem to be maintained anymore and was always somewhat of a hack to vdr. Seems to me rotor control should really be a part of vdr diseqc control code. Just about every sat box out there includes rotor control function.

I also looked at the Actuator plugin because I am interested in getting something going with c-band and thought maybe it included rotor commands. Don't it does, doesn't look like it's been updated since vdr-1.6.0, and requires a custom kernel module. I don't mind building custom electronics and was planing to anyway. But I don't want to have to hack code into the kernel. I think they have boxes that provide actuator control from rotor diseqc commands anyway which brings us back to including it.

I would also like to see it be able to handle a rotor per card. Not much point in having several sat tuners if they all have to look at the same sat.

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