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I also looked at the Actuator plugin because I am interested in getting
something going with c-band and thought maybe it included rotor
commands. Don't it does, doesn't look like it's been updated since

Hi, I didn't update the released version (it seems there are only two users of the plugin), but I'm using it with vdr 1.7.15 (with the transponder tuning and channel scanning commented out, I don't have much time or need to work on that).

and requires a custom kernel module. I don't mind building
custom electronics and was planing to anyway. But I don't want to have
to hack code into the kernel.

It's a really simple out of tree module, you don't need to hack the kernel, just to compile the module and insmod it.
It hasn't caused me any problem in the many years I have used it.
BTW, the module uses a parallel port, and since these are becoming difficult to find, I wrote another, unreleased, one that uses a serial port (even an usb to serial adapter should work). Of course I'm not (still) using it in production, so it's not as tested as the one using the parallel port.

I think they have boxes that provide
actuator control from rotor diseqc commands anyway which brings us back
to including it.

Well, yes, but I'm cheap and I preferred to spend 5€ in components tucked inside the computer instead of buying a 100€ v-box, have another box laying around and having less control over the whole positioning process.


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