Is your bud motorized? You found a diseqc motor that works with big dishes? Because they need bigger motors then can be powered by the card, they use a different setup. A Actuator that runs on 36v and is told to move one way or the other and then pulses are counted and then the motor is told to stop. Small dish rotors have all that logic on board and you just teil them where you want the dish pointing

On 6/24/2010 1:04 PM, Goga777 wrote:
Приветствую, Mike
the rotor plugin ( or at least version 1.4mh) can control one rotor per card.

For c-band you need a vbox to translate the diseqc commands and to provide the
36 volts to drive the actuator. Thats how I do it. costs about $40

why need vbox for C-band ?
I can watch C-band with vdr + rotor + diseqc + 3 Lnb (two LNB are for Ku band, 
third LNB is for C-band)
without any tricks


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