I have a sat card and an atsc card. Our locals do a very poor job of maintaining epg, so I also pick up guide data from a sat. The sat channels are scrambled, but the epg is clear. In my channels.conf I put the sat channel that matches local just above the atsc entry in the list. epgserch picks up a show from the sat list first because they send out 2 weeks where as the locals are sometimes doing good to get 12 hours. When it sets up a timer for a show, I edit it changing the channel from the sat to the atsc channel entry.

The problem is, it doesn't properly change the entry. This is the summary for the timer as it first sets up:

<epgsearch><channel>90 - KGUN</channel><searchtimer>Castle</searchtimer><start>1278561540</start><stop>1278565260</stop><s-id>85</s-id><eventid>18498</eventid></epgsearch>

And just changing the channel, it does this:


It no longer points to the channel to use. It still seems to get the right channel for recording, but If 2 of these over lap at all, then I start getting timer conflict notices on the screen even though there is no conflict. It should have just changed "<channel>90 - KGUN</channel>" to "<channel>91 - KGUN-DT</channel>" I'm guessing that channel info it removes is why it no longer does conflict checking correcly.

The plugin timeline seems still correctly see no conflict.

Another problem I've run into, vdradmin only allows you to set a flat total number of dvb cards. It doesn't allow for the fact that not all the cards are the same. I had a second dual atsc tuner which went bad and will be replaced. So right now I have 2 tuners, but only 1 of each time and will have 4, but again, only 1 is sat.

Some of this maybe a problem with epgsearch plugin since that is where the search and auto timer setups is done.

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