I get some dvb-s2 card (TeVii S650) and wanted test it on my HTPC. It is supported under new kernel and "scan" is able to scan dvb-s transponder. I wanted scan dvb-s2 transponders too. So I download latest scan-s2 program from (http://mercurial.intuxication.org/hg/scan-s2) and tried to compile it. But scan-s2 depand on DVB_API_VERSION 5.0 and on my new kernel is DVB_API_VERSION 5.1. So I edited condition (line 50 of scan.c file) to pass compilation and get scan-s2 binary. Hovewer this binary isn't able to scan any dvb-s2 nor dvb-s transponders(even that i was able tu scan using "scan" program). So, doing am I something very bad, or there isn't compatibility between DVB_API 5.0 and DVB_API 5.1? Or is here any different way to get vdr channels.conf lines of dvb-s2 channels?

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Jiri Jansky

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