Hi Rainer,

On Mon, 5 Jul 2010 07:28:37 +0200, Rainer Blickle wrote
> Later in the code of cServerConnection::GetDevice, if the Method
> cDevice::GetDevice doesn't return a device, the current receiver gets
> detached. In my infrastructure this doesnt happend because the live
> receiver will nearly always gets detached ( The only exception is 
> when a timer records). To prevent this, i changed the code in that 
> way that the streamdev-receiver gets detached before calling 
> cDevice::GetDevice).

thanks for tracking this issue down and for the detailed bugreport. The
DetachAllReceivers part in cDevice::GetDevice(...) was introduced in VDR
1.5.0. This change effectively turned this method from being a "query only"
method into something with side effects.

The proper (though not nice) solution seems to be copying
cDevice::GetDevice(...) into streamdev server, leaving out the problematic 

I quickly hacked together a patch at
http://www.vdr-developer.org/mantisbt/view.php?id=582. It's totally untested,
but maybe you want to give it a try. Might take a while until I have time to
test it.


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