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>On Fri, 7 Mar 2008, Joerg Pulz wrote:
>> Replying to myself.
>> The next patches are ready, this time for the mp3/mplayer plugins and the
>> dvd plugin.
>> The patches can be found at .
>> I've written a small README.FreeBSD as quickstart guide available at the
>> above link too.
>> I've not attached the patches to this mail to not pollute the list with
>> stuff of lower interest for the bigger part of the VDR community.
>And again, replying to myself.
>The next round of patches is there. Available at the same place as 
>mentioned above. The README got an update too.
>There is still full Linux compatibility, so the patched version of VDR and 
>the plugins can be compiled on a Linux box without any difference to the 
>unpatched version.
>As always, comments are welcome.


 (This is mostly for the list since Joerg already knows...)

 I meanwhile have ported a few more plugins and the live and
vdradmin-am webinterfaces and am updating a preliminary shar that
can be used to install all that the FreeBSD /usr/ports way.  (tho
there are still rough edges and the ports are not commit-ready yet.)
See here:

 And yes you can now also use tuners on FreeBSD mainly thanx to
webcamd: (I am using a PCTV 452e Sat HDTV Pro USB dvb-s2 one.)

 Back to portability:  I you look at the patches in the shar,

i.e. everything called */vdr*/files/patch-* in there (many are
from Joerg but I meanwhile also added quite a few), I think at least
those parts that touch C(++) sources and headers should be ready to
be merged back upstream (Makefile patches maybe less so) - so maybe
we should start submitting them back to the individual maintainers...

 Anyway, now you know. :)


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