Recently VDR has become a defunct process sometimes when I've stopped
it.  I'm not sure how to investigate that kind of problem so I was
hoping someone can give some advice.  The only way I know of to clear
it is to reboot, which I'd rather avoid if I can.  Another user
suggested I look at the process ID with ptree, which shows:

$ ptree 5236

Execution terminated by unhandled exception
Message: a4g-vcheck.adb:867
Call stack traceback locations:
0xb77efd32 0xb77c8b76 0x8058806 0x804ee23 0xb6f58c74

Though I don't know if any of that is even useful.

System infos:
debian testing
dvb drivers from mercurial tree dated 2010-07-07 (9652f85e688a tip)

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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