For a long time I have created sub folders and moved video's there for storage when saving for a friend. Got them out of the main list but could still be seen from recordings list. But when the folder was empty, vdr auto deletes them, or did. Now that it supports folder grouping, maybe not. haven't messed with that.

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corrected headline

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Wow, thanks for the tip, it's good to know!


2010/7/13 Arno Esser<<>>


     my 1.7.15 offer a nice feature. I have a subdirectory beneath
     video.00, that contains other mounted dirs. Initially after
     startup vdr only offers real recording in video.00. Only after a
     touch on video.00/.update ALL files in video.00 including the
     subdirectory are shown. Is that a mistake or a special feature?

this feature is 6 years old ;-)

Never recorgnized that before. Does anyone know the great idea behind that??

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