On 14.07.2010 17:35, Helmut Auer wrote:
> Hello
>> attached you will find my current TS and customization patches to
>> HelAu's vdr-yacoto-0.2.1 plugin and Yacoto worker scripts 0.0.2 in form
>> of Gentoo ebuilds (the bare patches are in the respective "files"
>> subdirectories in the archive if you're not using Gentoo, and the the
>> original distribution archives the patches are based based on can be
>> downloaded here: http://htpc-forum.de/index.php?url=downloads.php). They
>> work for me for SD recordings in TS format. I'm also working on
>> extending them with a new target for remuxing HD TS recordings into MKV,
>> and planning to submit the patches to HelAu's bugtracker...
> There's a newer version available, but only as part of Gen2VDR.
> You can get it here:
> http://www.htpc-forum.de/download/yacoto.tgz

Thanks for the updated versions of the yacoto plugin ansd scripts. I
also updated my patches and opened http://redmine.gen2vdr.org/issues/269
and http://redmine.gen2vdr.org/issues/270 with the 2 patches. There one
can also find links to working Gentoo ebuilds, and the for those ebuilds
I allowed myself to split the latest archive in the 2 parts and host
them on my web space here: http://www.muresan.de/vdr/yacoto/

Have fun,

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