Hi there,

I finally published new streamdev releases on 

Streamdev-0.4.0 is the final release for VDR 1.4.x. There won't be any more
updates. Use streamdev-0.5.0 for recent VDRs.

IMPORTANT: Please follow the upgrade instructions from the plugin's README
file. When updating to streamdev-0.5.0, the following changes are necessary
(even if you have been running streamdev-0.5.0pre from CVS before):

* Streamdev-server's plugin config directory is now
$VDRCONFDIR/plugins/streamdev-server/. Streamdev-server expects the file
streamdevhosts.conf in this directory. It is also the default location of the
externremux.sh script.

* The externremux script is now responsible for emitting all HTTP response
headers. Make sure you send out at least the Content-type header and a blank
line to terminate the header block. I encourage you to try the new
externremux.sh script which ships with the streamdev sources. It fixes several
problems with script termination from earlier releases and allows you to
change several remux parameters on the fly by specifying URL parameters. The
URL path to access externremux changed from EXTERN to EXT.

Check the HISTORY for a complete changelog. Here's a brief overview of the
most important new features in 0.5.0:
- HTTP authentication
- CGI like interface and URL parameters for externremux.sh
- rewrite of externremux.sh
- Multicast streaming server option

Thanks to all contributors and sorry for the long time it took to publish this
new release. I'll try to release more often now, but don't take my word for it.


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