On 16.07.2010 11:21, Lucian Muresan wrote:
On 14.07.2010 17:35, Helmut Auer wrote:

attached you will find my current TS and customization patches to
HelAu's vdr-yacoto-0.2.1 plugin and Yacoto worker scripts 0.0.2 in form
of Gentoo ebuilds (the bare patches are in the respective "files"
subdirectories in the archive if you're not using Gentoo, and the the
original distribution archives the patches are based based on can be
downloaded here: http://htpc-forum.de/index.php?url=downloads.php). They
work for me for SD recordings in TS format. I'm also working on
extending them with a new target for remuxing HD TS recordings into MKV,
and planning to submit the patches to HelAu's bugtracker...

There's a newer version available, but only as part of Gen2VDR.
You can get it here:

Thanks for the updated versions of the yacoto plugin ansd scripts. I
also updated my patches and opened http://redmine.gen2vdr.org/issues/269
and http://redmine.gen2vdr.org/issues/270 with the 2 patches. There one
can also find links to working Gentoo ebuilds, and the for those ebuilds
I allowed myself to split the latest archive in the 2 parts and host
them on my web space here: http://www.muresan.de/vdr/yacoto/

Have fun,

Hi guys!

Do you know any working gentoo-ebuild for the 1.6.x version of VDR? I fund the amielke-layman layer, but this does not compile against my current system. I could also not find the right place where to enter a bug-report, because www.amielke.de seems to have some configuration-issues


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