On 3 August 2010 10:45, Mikko Tuumanen <mikko.tuuma...@utu.fi> wrote:
> ma, 2010-08-02 kello 18:41 +0300, Antti Ajanki kirjoitti:
>> Only xineliboutput is supported at the moment, sorry.
> How about transcoding or remultiplexing the downloaded videos to normal
> vdr recordings?
> Is there a way to run a command (like vdr's -r) after a video has been
> downloaded?

I would leave them as transport streams (TS) if I was you, and just
get the player to be able to play them.
Lots of Linux media players support TS.
The reason to keep them as TS is because the TS stream contains error
detection CRC checks that can be used by the decoder to hide the
errors better. I don't know which Linux decoders use this information
yet, but it is good to keep.
If you transcode the TS streams to something else you loose all these
error detection functions.
It would be OK to transcode the TS stream if it contained NO errors,
but if it contained errors, it is best to retain that format.
Errors normally occur due to interference, e.g. Too much rain for
DVB-S, badly pointed antenna, bad lossy cables.


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