After a recent change in xineliboutput (;a=commit;h=dbff1ade9ba36f8dc9e4f044f2838924658e6f0e)
streaming over UDP works again!

Unfortunately blinking during channel change occurs a lot more often than
tha last version I used (from february).
Is there anything I can do to reduce the chance of blinking during channel
change?  Anyone know if it is related to xineliboutput, xine-lib or even

In frontend I'm using xineliboutput (latest cvs), xine-lib-1.2 (latest hg),
X.Org 1.7.7, nvidia 256.44, using vdpau video.
backend is VDR is 1.7.15
blinking occurs while using both UDP and TCP.

2010/4/26 Harald Overas <>

> I have have witness the same behavior with screen blinking with
> xineliboutput (vdr-sxfe as remote client while connecting with TCP
> transport to the vdr-server) when changing the channels. I often get
> screen blinking when I change the channels to fast with my MCE remote
> (using the MCE remote arrows up and down for browsing through the
> channels).
> Using xine-lib-vdpau-1.2 (latest) and xineliboutput (latest)
> (vdr-sxfe 1.0.90-cvs  (build with xine-lib 1.1.90, using xine-lib 1.1.90)
> Using this command string to connect:
> vdr-sxfe -fullscreen --width=1920 --height=1080 --tcp --audio=alsa
> --aspect=16:9 --lirc --video=vdpau --post tvtime:method=use_vo_driver
> --reconnect xvdr://${HOST}:${PORT}
> Thanks in advance,
> Harald
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