Does anyone have a working setup involving vdr-1.7.15 and softdevice? I 
ask because I've been happily using vdr-1.7.0 (the one just before 
changing the DVB driver version) with softdevice since vdr-1.7.0 was 

I finally took the plunge and built the new DVB drivers and grabbed the 
latest version of vdr and this also includes the changes from PES to TS.

It _almost_ works: I get a second or so of live TV, then lots of 
stuttering, and then vdr restarts. It spews out lots of 
"mpeg_decode_postinit() failure" and "Error while decoding video frame 0" 
errors, and also "insufficient thread locking around avcodec_open/close()" 
(I think recent versions of ffmpeg are much more picky about multiple 
threads in parallel: probably needs more mutex locks adding).

I did find a patch on the softdevice-devel mailing list back in December
which sounded like it was a similar problem caused by a change to ffmpeg.

That patch alters the timing between frames by using the variable 
repeat_pict provided by libavcodec. If I apply the patch, I get a seg 
fault because the parent structure hasn't been defined. I suspect further 
changes to ffmpeg since: it's a bit of a nightmare keeping up with changes 

My version of ffmpeg is current cvs but my vdr-1.7.0 build (with the same 
version of softdevice) runs fine built against it!

I suspect I need to do a lot more digging here but before I do, I thought 
I'd check whether anyone has this working and if so, what version of 
ffmpef you're using.

The softdevice project seems to have gone very quiet recently (why I'm 
posting here in the first instance!) which is a shame because it has "just 
worked" for me in the past with DirectFB output from a Matrox G450, with 
no extra layer of X required (this is a dedicated set-top-box affair).



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