Am 13.08.2010 00:32, schrieb Rainer Blickle:
> i have a question: What is the primary device.
> I have the following devices:
> - xineliboutput or PVR350
> - pvrinput-device
> None of the devices can do both, receive and showing a stream .
> Which of the devices is the primary device. How is the primary device
> determined ?

The primary device is always the device that does the video output and
OSD display. In your case its either the xineliboutput or the pvr350.
The primary device is determined by the entry PrimaryDVB in the
setup.conf, also available in Setup/DVB. If this device is not able to
be primary, VDR searches for the next device that can be primary.

The xineliboutput device has the special capability to dynamically
switch to be primary device, as soon as a remote connects. If the remote
disconnects, the previous primary device takes over again.



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