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On Sun, 2010-08-15 at 14:01 -0700, VDR User wrote:
> Why not get one of the Zotac IONITX boards and stick it in the M350
> case like I did?

I'm not familiar with Zotac but I could try it instead my usual of Asus
mobos (the one that died was an Asus too). Zotac seems to be sold here
Finland too. 

I'm planning to use the old Silverstone case and the old working silent
high-effciency Enermax ATX power supply. That would rule out at least
Asus ION deluxe style boards that seem to have an external PSU and just
a DC connector in the mobo. I don't want to get external power boxes to
living room and would feel sorry to throw away working stuff ;^)

When considering other tips too it's going to be tough to decide what
path to take here: budget/minimal vs. more power and possibly better
visual quality etc. :^)

>   Fanless, low power, and OS can be installed on SSD,
> usb flash stick, Microdrive, SD(HC), CF, you name it.  They all have
> usb adapters so that way your system will remain totally silent.

True, my old IDE HDD is not compatible with new boards, so some flash
based storage would be nice.


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