On 15.8.2010 21:59, Seppo Ingalsuo wrote:
> Hi,
> My old HTPC motherboard died and I'm now looking for a new one to become
> a vdr-sxfe "thin" client. The old Silverstone case is for normal ATX
> board but I no more need PCI slots so a smaller one, even a Mini-ITX
> would do. Since the PC runs 24/7 I'm interested in low-power
> motherboards with Atom CPU. There should be VDPAU support for MPEG-2
> SDTV decoding + high-quality de-interlacing. I'm watching also sometimes
> H.264 HDTV channels from satellite. There should be 1080p50 video + up
> 7.1ch multi-channel PCM audio over HDMI. I'd like to get rid of SPDIF
> connection to AV-receiver.
> My HTPC box has a home-brew LIRC receiver that connected to motherboard
> (Asus style) COM port heading. If COM ports are history I could change
> to Bluetooth remote control with a PS3 Blu-Ray remote. Therefore
> integrated BT support would be nice (otherwise some USB-BT dongle). WLAN
> is not mandatory since I stream from vdr server over gigabit ethernet.
> Are there still issues with some ethernet chipsets and Linux?
> I found some options such as Asus AT3IONT-I DELUXE, Asus AT3IONT-I, Asus
> AT5IONT-I. I would be happy to hear experiences about these motherboards
> with Linux and Xine. Are there problems with some motherboard features?
> Other recommendations are welcome too!
> Cheers,
> Seppo

Hi Seppo,

I'm also starting to check for a new setup, and i'm on the same line as
you: Silent, low-power device that will runn 24/7. I have not yet looked
too much around, but there is one thing i'm wondering. What kind of
dvb-devices will you use? My current setup has two pci-cards, Full
featured Technoternd dvb-s, and an other TT budget dvb-t. I have to
replace the dvb-t card with dvb-c, because i will soon move to an area
with cable-tv.. Is it possible to go with completely dvb-usb devices?
Are thet reliable enough to not freeze/crash etc?



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